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All tapes approximately 60 Minutes long & Cost $29.95 US FUNDS

RAZ Library

 Their back, faster and meaner than ever.  If you haven't seen 1000cc? brakeless sidehacks at the "Bullring" then your race life is incomplete.  How do they fit all those bikes on that small oval?  GOOD STUFF for the THREE WHEEL FREAK. order code # 61071501  
order code # 48093000  

2001 Speedway - Harley Night  
SPEEDWAY, SIDECARS and HARLEY DAVIDSONS on the small Costa Mesa track, YaHoo!.  Once again RAZ  captures this annual madness called he Chopper night for cable TV.  Keep the kids away from the screen this ones hot.   Hosted by Terry "Ike" Clanton, Bruce Flanders and Hardhat" HowieNUTS! order code # 60051901

2001 Speedway Season Opener   
The first race of the year and all 3 SPEEDWAY divisions and the SIDECARS show their skill on the Costa Mesa "Bullring".  Bruce Flanders  and Hard hat Howie slide you through.  Wowwww FORGET THE CIRCUS, SPEEDWAY IS "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH"  order code # 52042101

2000 USA Speedway National Championships 
Lets face it, if your going to own only one Speedway tape this year, this one has to be it. Can BRAD OXLEY defend his title.  All the best are here.  They all want the # 1.  Will need the army to keep these riders in line.  Check it out and see for yourself why this has been Americas top Speedway race for 32 yearsBRUCE FLANDERS the TERRY "IKE" CLANTON show you all the action from the COSTA MESA Fairgrounds.  This ones a keeper.    order code # 43101400

2000 AMA/FIM SPEEDWAY AMERICAN FINAL   The top four go on to the next round of the OVERSEAS FINAL in ENGLAND so every hot shoe from AMERICA as well as US/EUROPEAN based JOHN COOK and SAM ERMOLINKO are here to do battle.  You can't compete in the GRAND PRIX unless you transfer here.  BRUCE FLANDERS, MIKE ROONEY and the "HARDHAT" slide you thru the action from AUBURN Ca.     order code # 42052600

2000 AMA SPEEDWAY NATIONAL   Incredible, 98 World Champion GREG HANCOCK steals the race from 96 World and Defending Champion BILLY HAMILL at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in AUBURN Ca..   BRUCE FLANDERS, Mike "ROONE DOG" Rooney and "HARDHAT" Howie make it all happen      order code # 45092900

"HELP" 1 - The speedway CRASH TAPE over 400 of the WILDEST SPEEDWAY CRASHES. Original music by Terry "IKE" Clanton. It received a THUMBS UP in CRASH & BURNS Video review.      PG VERSION order code # 50000085
R RATED VERSION order code # 51000085R contains some nudity

"THE UNITED STATES SPEEDWAY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS" - This event brings the seasons racing to a climax and determines who will wear the #1 PLATE for the following season. RAZ has been producing the Nationals since 1985. These tapes are very good. All feature Bruce Flanders, Terry Clanton, Scott Dolosio or all three along with Margo King or World Champion Bruce Penhall. It doesn't get any better than this. 1985,86,87,88,89,90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000
Indicate year when ordering.

"EAT IT" RAZ Videos first ever crash tape made by former RAZ partner John Rund. Very good action + the famous Ron Blanton, Ventura crash. A must for the serious video collector.

"AMAZING STUNTS"- Watch some of the crazies that perform half time shows put their life on the line. Jumps, Falls, Wheelies Motorcycles running into cars and flying over cars, walls anything that isn't nailed down. . Good stuff with people like DANNY WADE, JEFF WINKIE, DOUG "The Wheelie King" DOMOKOS and more. You have to see it to believe it.    Commentary by Scott Daloisio. order code # 35000086

2000 AMA Speedway Nationals  1997 World Champion GREG HANCOCK and 1996 World Champion BILLY HAMILL join Americas top stars at the Gold County Fairgrounds in AUBURN CA. to see who will wear the AMA #1 in 2001.  Throw in a whole new race format and hang on.  Who wins, well one thing is for sure, it will be a battle before we find out.  ROONE DOG & RAZ regulars Bruce Flanders and the Hard Hat make it all happen for you.  

2000 AMA/FIM Speedway American Final 
Once again Americas most important Speedway race comes to AUBURN CA.  If you want become World Champion it all starts here.  That's why European based BILLY HAMILL, GREG HANCOCK, JOHN COOK & SAM ERMOLINKO  are here,  thats why the CANADIAN #1 is here, and thats why Americas best are here.  NO LIGHT WEIGHTS.  Top notch racing as the boys see who will be one of the top four to go on to the OVERSEAS FINAL in ENGLANDBRUCE FLANDERS the ROONE DOG and the Hard Hat guide you thru this World Class Event.   Includes video from the 1993 SPEEDWAY World Championship at Pokin Germany and the 2000 Speedway Team World Championship from Lanchute Germany.      
order code # 42052600

2000 Speedway Spring Classic   

The first race of the year is always wild and this year is no exception.  All 3 SPEEDWAY divisions and SIDECARS.  Wowwww, Good stuff. Bruce Flanders  and Hard hat Howie guide you through the madness. order code # 38040800

Cruzin Pasadena # 3   For the second year in a row RAZ has covered the Cruzin Pasadena car show.  Sunshine and 570 of the nicest vehicles in California.  Bruce Flanders and Doug Thorley host this Wild and Beautiful event.  Original music is by The Black Shadows.   
order code # 41032600

RAZ GOES COUNTRY - Norco Rodeo # 1   BULLRIDING, COW ROPING, The AMAZING "RING of FIRE".  TERRY "IKE" CLANTON and FRANK "TWO JUMP" MORRIS show you rodeo with all the bumps and jumps that make it one of Americas top sports.  THERES A GOOD TIME IN THIS HERE TAPE BOY!   order code # 30032799

1999 SPEEDWAY SPRING CLASSIC  A good thing got better for 99 as RAZ regulars Larry Huffman and Scott Daloisio take you through the first regular race of the season.  Includes all 3 Speedway divisions and SIDECARS  order code # 29030399

1999 USA Speedway National Championships.  BRAD OXLEY wins it all and takes the number one at the COSTA MESA Fairgrounds. HOLLY MOLEY BATMAN that hasn't happened since 1987.   One of the wildest nights ever make this a great video.  See for yourself as BRUCE FLANDERS, TERRY "IKE" CLANTON and TOM WINCHELL show you Speedway like you have never seen it before.  code # 40100399

1999 FIM/AMA SPEEDWAY AMERICAN FINAL  Watch the boys battle it out on the new and improved AUBURN track.   Its a war as winners transfer at the OVERSEAS FINAL in KINGSLYNN ENGLAND.  This is step one on the way to the world final.  BRUCE FLANDERS  and the ROONE DOG make this one special tape.  order code # 27092798

1998 SPEEDWAY SPRING CLASSIC  1997 World Champion GREG HANCOCK and 1996 World Champion BILLY HAMILL join all the top stars at the Orange County Fairgrounds for the first race of the year.  Exciting, you bet.   Larry Huffman and RAZ regular Scott Daloisio take you through this exciting episode of this made for TV show.   order code # 20030798

oxley.GIF (30276 bytes) 1998 SPEEDWAY COORS 25 LAP CLASSIC   First held at the SAN BERNARDINO MOTOR SPEEDWAY in the 70s, this event is the longest speedway race in existence.  Fast and long.  Only the strong survive in this hour long made for TV cable show. Hosted by Larry Huffman and RAZ regular Scott Daloisio.  INCLUDES A GREAT MUSIC CRASH  SEQUENCE.


with Margo King, Bruce Flanders & Scott Dalosio
World Champion GREG HANCOCK, second in the World BILLY HAMILL,  California State Champion CHARLIE VENEGAS, Add points leader MIKE FARIA,  mix in the top American riders along with a whole new format, what have you got?  One Hell of a race.   Very American  Don't miss this one.          



This is the first time this event has been run on the small Costa Mesa track and RAZ was there to capture the action. Bruce Flanders, Scott Dolosio & Terry "Ike" Clanton take you thru what insider call one of the most controversial American Finals ever.

SPEEDWAY, SIDECARS and HARLEY DAVIDSONS.  The annual Chopper night captured by RAZ for cable TV.  Keep the kids away from the screen this ones hot.   Hosted by Larry Huffman and RAZ regular Scott Daloisio THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND EVENT.

THE SPEEDWAY FAIR DERBY   All the riders want to own the bronzed hat that represents this great race. Held at the Orange County fair to a always sold out audience this is good racing by all of Americas top stars.  Hosted by Terry 'IKE' Clanton and RAZ regular Scott Daloisio for cable TV this is top notch racing.

STANLEY TECK SPEEDWAY NIGHT.   Made for cable TV, track announcer Terry 'IKE' Clanton and RAZ regular Scott Daloisio take you through this night of motorized battle in this annual event from Costa Mesa.   Good solid racing

VICTORVILLE SPEEDWAY RACING.  Promoter Goat Becker held this race at the now defunk Victorville Fairgrounds for this great event with  Americas top riders.  Hosted Howie Zechner and RAZ regular Terry 'IKE' Clanton take you through this hour made for cable TV show.

1998 SPEEDWAY AMERICAN FINAL  All the top American stars pull out all the stops to see who goes on to the next round in POOLE ENGLAND.  To get to the world final, you first have to finish at least fourth here.  Scott Daloisio takes you through this special event in this made for cable TV hour from the new AUBURN CA. fairgrounds..

"1996 AMA SPEEDWAY AMERICAN FINAL" - This is the first time this event has ever been run in Northern California. The AUBURN track was made longer just for this race. Howie Zechner and Terry "Ike" Clanton take you through this North vs South vs those English guys.

sidecar.gif (10274 bytes) " 1995 SPEEDWAY SIDECAR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP"  Victorvillle Ca. 

with Bruce Penhall, Bruce Flanders & Terry "Ike" Clanton

"1994 AMA SPEEDWAY AMERICAN FINAL" - After a two year absence Americas biggest Speedway event is back. See who qualified for the next round of the World Championship. World champion Bruce Penhall, Bruce Flanders & Terry "Ike" Clanton Rocket you through this one. Run on the banked Ventura 1/4 mile track.

"1993 FIM/AMA SPEEDWAY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" RAZ took its very own cameras to POKIN GERMANY to watch SAM ERMOLINKO spank the Worlds best. This makes Sam the 3rd American to win this Title. This video also features Sam's WELCOME HOME PARTY. GOOD STUFF

"LONG BEACH AMERICAN QUALIFIER" - See which four American riders qualify to compete for the world individual title in Europe. Intense racing and stiff competition on one of Americas largest speedway tracks. 1988-89-90-91. Indicate year when ordering. (1988 feature RAZ CAM footage) GOOD STUFF!

1988 LONG BEACH AMERICAN FINAL Talk about a killer program, in what can only be described as one of the most exciting WORLD QUALIFIERS of all time North Americas best riders come to the famous LONG BEACH VETERANS STADIUMALAN CHRISTIAN, MIKE FARIA, DUB FARILL, RICK MILLER,   SAM ERMOLINKO, BART BAST, SHAWN and KELLY MORAN, STEVE LUCERO, BOBBY SCHWARTZ, RONNIE COREY, BRAD OXLEY, LANCE KING, BILLY HAMILL, ROB PHITZING, SCOTTY BROWN, AMA Flat Tracker RANDY GREEN and CANDIANS LIN DILLIAN and SHAWN VENABILS are the BIG names that are here to win this prestigious title.  Throw in SCOTT DALOISIOs  intervies and our famous RAZCAM  footage and you wind up with one of our best.  ORIGINALLY RECORDED ON JUNE 11, 1988 THIS TAPE WAS REMASTERED IN SEPTEMBER 1999.  code # 36061188

"SIDECAR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP" - Lots of pushing and banging as the SIDECAR BOYS go for the gold in their biggest National title. This is hardcore sidecar racing. 1994 or 95. Indicate year when ordering.

"KlNG of CONCRETE" - You've seen them race on dirt, You've seen them race on Ice. Now watch Americas top stars compete on a race track made of cement. Sparks fly on this one!

"WORLD TEAM CUP" - This prestigious event featuring Sweden, Denmark, England and the Americans in one of the great teams races of all time. Interviews by World Champion Barry Briggs. Held at Long Beach Veterans Stadium.

"SPEEDWAY CHALLENGE" - Americas best riders converge on the sleepy town of SANTA BARBARA.  Cement Crash Walls, tight turns and close passing make a great racing video. 

 USA vs the WORLD  Top FIM riders from Australia, Denmark. Italy, Finland and England take on the AMA's best including SAM ERMOLINKO and SHAWN and KELLY MORAN .  Held on the famous ASCOT 1/2 Racetrack this is great racing.  Interviews by World Champion & Team Captain IVAN MAUGER, Superstar PHIL COLLINS, SPIKE CREITH and SCOTT DALOISIO.  ORIGINALLY RECORDED ON AUGUST 20, 1988 THIS TAPE WAS REMASTERED IN JANUARY 2001    CLASSIC  code # 47082088

"1990 ASCOT LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP" - See the best Speedway and Sidecar racers "Go For It" on ASCOT famous 1/2 Racetrack. Wild Action and CRASHES make this a great tape. This is THE LAST SPEEDWAY RACE EVER HELD AT AT ASCOT.

"CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP" - This winner take all event brings out the very best Speedway riders and Sidecar Teams. 1989-90-91-92. Indicate year when ordering. (1990-91 also feature CALIFORNIA SIDECAR CHAMPIONSHIP)

" CALIFORNIA STATE SIDECAR CHAMPIONSHIP" - Speedway and Sidecars on the famous GLEN HELEN track. Very FAST racing. 93 or 94. Indicate year when ordering.

"THE HAWAIIAN SPEEDWAY CLASSIC" - The top stars in American Speedway flew their fuel powered, 500cc, brakeless bikes to the islands in this first time event. Add the Wheelie King Doug Domokos and the a special Sail Surfing segment that's out of this world.

"SPEEDWAY ICE RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS" - Riders from Poland, Canada, England, Denmark,Wales, Czech and the United States ride for the Speedway ICE World Championship. Very good Ice racing! 1990/1991 Indicate year when ordering.

" USA vs the WORLD on ICE" - Riders from Germany, Chez, England, Sweden and the United States race on a frozen circle of ice in Tacoma, Oakland, and San Diego. Lots of surprises including our RAZ commentator Terry "Ike Clanton getting knocked unconscious by non other than Gene Woods. Indicate choose when ordering.

"QUAD SPEEDWAY ICE RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS" - If your a quad freak this ones for you. Crashes, you bet. Over, Sideways, Through. You gotta see it to believe it. 1990/1991 Indicate year when ordering.

"JUNIOR SPEEDWAY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS" - Lots of Action as the Juniors battle for their biggest title. 1992, 93 or 94. Indicate year when ordering.

"CHOPPER/BIKINI CONTEST" - 1 through 4 - Each Video features local bikers attempting to slide their Harleys around the small dirt oval tracks that are home to speedway. (Oh Yea that works) plus some of southern California's finest ladies in wild Bikini contests plus the following special segment.
1- Special Crash sequence and wild Wet T-shirt contest.
2- See the HOT 1300 cc Harley Davidson sidecar.
3-Toys for Tots ride from the LA Coliseum. 
order code # 55008800
4- Guest Appearance by my buddy, singer and biker
Hoyt Axton.
Indicate event 1,2,3 or 4 when ordering. Very Wild.

See our FOUR  WHEELS SECTION of tapes

All tapes approximately 60 Minutes long & Cost $29.95 US FUNDS

1828 East Walnut
Pasadena, CA 91107 USA



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